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MedLever is your “Air-Traffic Control System ” for efficient program management. Use MedLever to launch personalized workflows for every patient and standardize.


Take back personal time spent on clinic work!

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Productivity Savings Over Subscription Price


Hours per week saved by the average physician in clinical documentation and task follow-up

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Improvements in Task Handoff/Transition Times


Month Payback Period

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Reduction in the time between Initial Consult and First Treatment


Year-over-year improvement in Capacity


Clinical Work Automation


Documentation Automation


Data Visualization

Why we're worth it

Clarity and Accountability

MedLever can deliver full transparency and broad visibility for all clinical and operational work across departments and facilities, significantly improving the efficiency of healthcare operations in a private clinic, a community hospital, or a health system.

Personalization and Standardization

Customize care and automate the process of creating personalized tasks and activities based on the needs of the patient and the constraints of the team with standardized processes.

Limitless Scale and Sophistication

MedLever customers have successfully deployed hundreds of decision nodes without being constrained by external systems’ limitations. Start with your current process, fine-tune it, and expand as you go.

Modern Adaptable Visual Design

MedLever’s modern, user-centered design model ensures an easy-to-use platform. You can even create data entry views tailored to your specific needs. The platform requires minimal training, making it as simple to use as your online retail portal.


Explore our applications

Automation for the Workforce

Industry-leading features and capabilities eliminate clicks by 10x or more.
MedLever's workflow orchestration platform elevates each team member to work at peak professional performance
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Automation for Documents

Documents personalized with ground-truth, saving 25-30 min per new start
A single platform interaction generates signed, customized documents with accurate realtime data and context.
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Measure & Track Performance

Explore local, regional and system-wide process and clinical performance
Combine clinical, operational and time-series data from "n" number of sources into charts and dashboards
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Automation for RLT

Planning and coordination for radioligand therapy between departments
Coordinate all work activities between cancer care, diagnostic and supportive departments with high accountability.
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We have the answers to the questions that are commonly asked. If you need more information, please contact us below!

The platform can be installed on-premise, commercial or private cloud (Azure, GCP, AWS, Oracle, etc).

Our products are licensed as subscriptions based on the number of locations and/or physician users.  We can accommodate both capital and operating budget requests.

Our platform runs within the Chrome, Safari or Edge browsers.  Unlike other solutions that claim to be SaaS, we are actually cloud-native.

Yes, most of our customers use tablets to interact with Forms, Tasks and Documents.

Yes.  You may be part of a large system that may or may not transition to one OIS database.  Use MedLever to create consistent and familiar user experiences for your team across the network.

MedLever can be used for research data collection both at single locations and as a common platform for research and data sharing among research partners.  Create data collection views and forms and easily send them to other sites using MedLever.  All the data collected is stored in tabular format and can easily be combined with that of other sites for consortium use.

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